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His promises never fail

A customer asked a consumer rights group about a faulty product and a lifetime guarantee. Showers had been installed in 2009 but the sliding doors had rusted and needed repair but when they approached the company they would not honour the lifetime guarantee pledge saying it was no longer valid. Apparently they had bought over the existing company and that broke all the previous guarantees in their estimate. What does a lifetime guarantee mean anyway? Is it the life of the product, the customer or the company that is under guarantee? Reading the terms and conditions containing words like normally, usually, reasonable, normal wear and tear and a list of exclusions does not bring any comfort. In another time I worked with a sewing machine company who offered a 25 year guarantee on their machines. It looked impressive until you read that it did not cover moving parts or anything beyond normal wear and tear, whatever that meant? That kind of guarantee is useless unle

ss you want to put the machine on the table as an ornament! I love the certainty of the Bible when it talks about words that can be trusted; promises that are guaranteed. Jesus was teaching truth in John chapter 5 when he gave this absolute undertaking. I tell you the truth; those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins they have already passed from death into life. Most would question the experience of these words. How can anybody be certain of forgiveness or anything for that matter? For most forgiveness is a do your best and hope for the best when you die but Jesus words are certain. Believe the message of the Bible, put your trust in Jesus and you will have eternal life. You will not be condemned for your sins; you have already passed from death to life. Jesus does not say you might have eternal life but that that you have eternal life. There is no small print in God’s offer. He always stands over his promises!

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