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Easter Rising

Remember the Easter rising! For some this is simply a holiday, a few days to enjoy whatever you do for enjoyment. For others politics is supreme but there is an Easter rising of far greater significance. It took place in 33 A. D. and it is the most important time in the history of the world bar none! Every other event falls under the shadow of the death and resurrection of Jesus!

Jesus really died – it was not some act of pretence or drama, he really died. His death was witnessed by many and they watched as he was taken lifeless from the cross and placed in a tomb. Later, disciples who never expected Jesus to die went in great sorrow to anoint a dead body. Resurrection was not on their radar at all, and they were shocked to find an empty tomb with folded grave clothes. The body had gone! This transformed everything and over the next days Jesus appeared to hundreds to prove beyond doubt that he was alive. His being alive proves God’s satisfaction at the sacrifice for sins made earlier in the death of Jesus.

All of this is in conflict with men’s ideas. Woody Allen’s comment that he’s not afraid to die; he just didn’t want to be there when it happened states well the lack of hope and purpose. There is a vagueness in an after- life that is expressed as a candle flickering at the end of a black tunnel or a star shining dimly on the blackest of nights. Uncertainty seems the only certainty in the minds of many!

Death is not the end. Because Jesus has risen all the promises relating to our rising from the dead are also true. We can know assurance that our sins are now forgiven.

The only Easter rising that brings true freedom is the rising of Jesus from the dead! Romans 4:25 puts it well; he was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. Both events combine to offer certainty to all who seek him.

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